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  • Fixed issue where some sites were extremely slow as a result of installing the plugin (due to cURL not being installed).
  • Added warning and actively disable portions of the plugin if SSL not installed.
  • Fixed bug in social publishing.
  • Added logic to disable meta boxes/publishing if social publishing is disabled.
  • Fixed forever loading issue on FB settings page if no active user exists.
  • Added proper escaping.
  • Added global settings to set whether social plugins show on all posts, all pages, both, or neither. Done for like button, subscribe button, send button, comments, and recommendations bar.
  • Added per-post/page settings for showing/hiding social plugins.
  • Fixed poorly formatted description that was being set when publishing to friends’ and Pages’ feeds.
  • Added notification if plugins that are potentially conflicting are installed.
  • Added suggestions for what to enter in fields in the new user experience.
  • Bug fixes to ensure everything works on mobile (including support for WPTouch).
  • Bug fixes to Pages drop down on the Facebook settings page.
  • Removed the need to create PHP sessions, relying on user meta/transients now.